Studio Room.

The Studio Room is made with a 2” x 2” frame, has 3 inch deep roof purlins and a 18mm TGV floor. As standard it comes with 12mm tongued and grooved ship lap on the walls but the option to upgrade to a 20mm tongued and grooved cladding is avaiable.

The Chrome door furnitue comes as standard on this model as do the 2 opening opening windows and 18 inch roof overhang. The door can be positioned either on the right (like in the picture) or on the left.

WIth an internal eaves height of 6ft 6” on the low side and 7ft 3” on the high side, this building will feel very light and spacious and ideal for a home studio or office.

This building is available in the following sizes:

8ft wide x 8ft deep.

8ft x 7ft and 8ft x 6ft.


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