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How to Make the Most of Your Garden Building

If you’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful garden room as part of your home and you’ve finally gotten one built you might be thinking about how you’re going to make it over.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck for ideas you’ve come to the right place; today we’re going to give you some great ideas for your new or future garden room.

1) A Potting Shed:

Lets start with a classic! If you’re an avid gardener or if not having the space is holding you back, try organising your garden room for planting and care for your budding garden.
For a special touch add an outdoor garden chair and small table so you can have a break from all your hard work and admire it at the same time.

2) A Pet Sanctuary:

If your fluffy friends are causing havoc in your house during playtime, why not build them their own playroom?
Somewhere nice to lay and a selection of toys can turn your garden building into a sanctuary for your pets, especially if you need to leave them home while you work. It can also double as a training space, for agility or basic command training.

3) A Tea Room:

Do you love hosting a BBQ in the summer and wish you could do it in the winter?
Why don’t you consider converting your garden room into a little dining room, you and your friends can enjoy the outdoors indoors no matter the weather, and enjoy each others company too.

4) A Music Room:

If you’re a music aficionado but the rest of your household aren’t as convinced, you could create a designated space for your music in your garden room, and everyone’s happy!
Once you’ve convinced everyone you’re as good as you know you are it can double as a stage in the summer.

5) Hangout Space:

If your teenagers are starting to get hard to live with 24/7 then a garden room can be just what you need, it can double as a second lounge for your teens and their seriously long hangout sessions.

6) A Bar:

Once the chicks have flown the nest however it might be time to turn that garden building into a nice space for yourself, if pubs and bars are your scene, why not build your own?
Deck out the room with a darts board and a few coasters and you’ve got yourself a local little bar for you and your friends.

7) A Craft Room:

Whether you’re a painter, knitter, or potter a garden building could be exactly the space you need for your craft. Turning a garden room into a craft room is an excellent idea, as you can easily separate your crafting supplies and organise them as you move them in, having a separate space can also allow you to really focus with no distractions.

8) A Guest House:

Having guests can be a hassle sometimes, when there just isn’t enough room for everyone. But turning your garden room into a spare bedroom with a little en-suite could be your solution. A simple room could offer a lot of peace and comfort for everyone when guests are staying.

9) A Home Office:

We’ve all been spending more time working from home lately, and this will probably be a trend that continues. So if you’ve been making do with a desk in the hallway, now is the perfect time to consider a garden office, even if the commute is short it still gives you a separate space to focus, helping you separate work and home life just a little bit more while you work from home.

10) A Home Gym:

If you’re the type who like to work up a sweat and are really missing the gym, a garden room home gym will be a welcome addition to your home.
Giving you a peaceful place to break a sweat and more storage for your home once all those weights are moved out.

11) A Games Room:

Board games with the family or poker with friends, you can do it all in a cosy garden room, a comfy couch and a coffee table and you’re well on your way to becoming the best dungeon master you can be.

12) A Study / Library:

If you need a peaceful escape to get your reading done, or if your kids are studying for exams a snazzy garden study is just what you need.
Line the walls with shelves for that luxurious library feel, add a lamp and an armchair and you’ve got yourself the perfect reading nook.

13) A Conservatory:

If you’ve chosen a garden room with spacious windows, why not use it as an extension of your garden, bring plants in and create a cosy jungle you can enjoy even in winter!

14) A Pool House:

Pool parties are great, but once the sun goes down it can get a bit chilly by the water, why don’t you compliment your pool with a beachy garden room that can be used as a poolside hangout.

15) A Home Cinema:

You don’t need a flat-screen to have great movie nights in, install a roller blind along one wall and a small projector to the other, some beanbag chairs in a row and a popcorn machine, no more overpriced tickets but you still get the big screen experience, a great way to end up hosting every movie night to come.

If you’re interested in having a garden building installed so you can try out one of these ideas contact us today for friendly, professional advice regarding your building plans.

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