Why Choose Us

Why choose New Line Sheds Reading for your garden buildings

We are a family business located in Padworth, Berkshire RG7 4NU.

Yukon Chalet Summerhouse Home Office Sheds Reading

Yukon Chalet Summerhouse Home Office Sheds Reading

Build quality

Our sheds must be seen, they are sturdy and handmade. Our sheds are sturdy and handmade with bolted assembly, responsibly sourced wood, built with hammer and nail.

All of our sheds come with glass as standard, however perspex is available in our play houses.

Our wood

Our sturdy garden sheds use tongue and groove shiplap, we also offer a log effect with rounded front. Unlike garden centre sheds, the roofs and floors on our sheds are not plywood, but tongue and groove pine.

Our pine comes direct from Sweden and we also offer Canadian Cedar wood. We use a spirit based preservative on our sheds.

Hideaway Summer House - Sheds Reading

Hideaway Summer House – Sheds Reading

Sustainably sourced wood

All our wood comes from responsibly managed forests either in Sweden or Canada.

Bespoke designs

All our sheds can be be customised, lengths and widths changed, as well as decorative changes. If you want a shed built to certain dimensions or with certain features please call us to discuss.