Garden Buildings in Berkshire

Having over 50 years experience in the world of building Garden Sheds, we stand out as one of the most reliable Garden Building manufacturer in Berkshire.

We provide a wide range of bespoke sheds in Berkshire along with playhouses, summer houses, garden buildings, and a lot more. Over 80% of our sales are a result of on-going recommendations. Chances are, that you have heard about us already!

The types of the shed we offer include the following:

Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are often used by homeowners for tea parties, and often just to have a good time on a fine evening. At the same time, some people also use garden sheds as a house for their pets. Regardless of your intended use, our company provides top-notch garden sheds are that are made of high-quality wood. This wood comes from a renewable and sustainable forest.

These sheds come in a range of different designs that you can choose upon finalising a contract. At the same time, our company also offers consultation for the best designs based on your space.

Garden Workshops

Garden workshops were a thing in the 90s. Today, they are becoming popular all over again. Thanks to pop culture’s nostalgic throwbacks. In this regard, our company has a huge catalogue of garden workshop designs in Berkshire that you can choose from.

Once chosen, our certified and trained professionals will take no time to build you a solid workshop where you can carry out your activities with ease.

Summerhouses & Chalets

Are you planning to gift your younger ones a summerhouse for the birthday? If not, then how about planning one? After all, a summerhouse is no less than a treat for the younger lot. Children love to spend time with their friends in a summerhouse. At the same time, adults may use them for an occasional tea-party too! Our highly vibrant summerhouse designs are no less than a treat for the eye.

Garden Buildings & Rooms

Do you want an extension of your house into your garden? Perhaps the garden space is too much, or perhaps you need an extra room in your property that your guests can use. In this regard, consider getting a garden building or a room. Our company specialises in garden rooms, Berkshire! Our highly trained staff makes use of the latest and most reliable cutting-assembling methods to give you a solid wooden space!


Perhaps your house does not have enough room to accommodate your children with a separate room to play. In this regard, an inexpensive yet reliable and solid playhouse in your garden/backyard could do the trick. At the same time, your children are definitely going to love a vibrant playhouse.

Our team of expert technicians specialises in playhouses Berkshire. Hence, you can expect top-notch and unmatched service at competitive rates.

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