Bella Bay Window Chalet.

The Bella Bay Window Chalet is a new arrival for 2020.

This Chalet is made with a 2” x 2” frame, it is 6’1” to the eaves, has an 18mm thick tongued and grooved floor and has a tongued and grooved roof with 3” deep roof purlins.

This Chalet is available in the following sizes.
10ft wide x 6ft deep,
10ft wide x 8ft deep,
10ft wide x 10ft deep.

12ft wide x 6ft deep,
12ft wide x 8ft deep,
12ft wide x 10ft deep.

12ft wide x 12ft deep.

The side window is an opening window and the antique hinges and lock come as standard.
For more details please contact 0118 9712245.

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