Georgian Room

The Georgian Room is a lovely room with a big bay window in the front which we can build to go on either side. It has full length glass doors.

Rooms up to 12′ long have one side window, rooms up to 30′ have two side windows.

10ft wide x 12ft deep Georgian Room with 18'' Roof Overhang.

10ft wide x 12ft deep Georgian Room with 18” Roof Overhang.

The height to the eaves is 6’6″ internal, giving plenty of headroom. Framing is 75mm x 38mm.

It is supplied with a heavy tongued and grooved ground floor, no chipboard is used. A verandah is available for this room as required, sizes available are 3′, 4′ and 6′.

All our buildings are on show at Padworth. We would be pleased to vary designs to suit individual needs.

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