Pent Sturdy Shed

The Pent Sturdy shed eaves height vary depending on the width of your building but the low side normally starts at 6ft-6’3” and the high side 6’6”-7’0”, it has a 18mm thick tongued and grooved floor and has bigger framing and more framing that the offer range.

This building can come in any size from a 4ft x 4ft right up to a 30ft x 10ft shed and because these buildings have a taller eaves height and because we are a manufacturer, that means you can have your doors and windows exactly where you want them.

Pent Sturdy Shed Reading

20ft x 6ft Pent Sturdy Shed with extra door and solid partition.

These sheds are available in which ever size you’d like. For example if you had a random space in the garden that was 12ft x 5ft or 13ft x 7ft then we could make that shed to fit your space. We can also add extra doors or a partition to create 2 separate area’s.

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