Summerhouses & Chalets

All our summerhouses and chalets will enhance any garden, they are often used as a home office, or to sit and enjoy some peace and quiet. We have a variety of styles which we can make up to suit your needs.

Our summerhouses start from £849.

The Lewington Chalet.

The Lewington Chalet is the latest addition to our Chalet range. This Chalet is made with a 2” x 2” frame, it’s 6’1” to the eaves, has an 18mm thick tongued and grooved floor and has a tongued and grooved roof with 3” deep roof purlins. This is one of our little Chalets and is available in the following […]

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Bella Chalet - Sheds Reading

The Bella Chalet.

The Bella Chalet is one of our most popular chalets to our ever growing selection. This chalet has 2″ x 2″ framing as standard. The chalet is 6’1″ to the eaves internal and has an 22mm thick tongued and grooved floor which is nailed to tanalised floor juts. The double doors come as standard with the antique […]

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Hideaway Summerhouse Chalet Reading

Hideaway Summer House

The Hideaway Chalet is one of our most popular chalet’s, and a very traditional design that will enhance any garden. The chalet has 2″ x 2″ framing, it is 6’1″ heigh to the eaves and the ridge height is 7’7″. The Hideaway Chalet comes with a heavy 22mm tongued and grooved floor. It has one opening […]

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Swiss Chalet

The Swiss Chalet can be made with an apex roof or a pent roof. It is a heavy constructed building and sizes are available from 8ft wide x 6ft deep up to            12ft wide x 10ft deep. 3ft, 4ft and 6ft Verandah’s came be added to the Apex models. The Swiss Chalet comes with a wraparound single window in one […]

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Apex Sun Room Chalet

The Sun Room Chalet is a chalet with full glass front, available with a pent roof or an apex roof. It has a double full length glass door, and one full length side window as standard. Extra side windows are available. The pent roof styled height is 6′ internal and 6’6″ external. The apex roof […]

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Alpine Chalet Summerhouse Reading

The Alpine Chalet.

The Alpine Chalet has a heavy tongued and grooved floor and 2″ x 2″ framing throughout. This Chalet is supplied with a wing front, two front windows with a window box and a solid door with antique style hinges. Side windows come as standard on one side. Windows can be made for either side, the door […]

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Pent Sun Room - Sheds Reading

Pent Sun Room Chalet

The Sun Room has a full glass front with double opening doors. The gap is approx 4′. It comes with a full length side window which you can have on either side which is also available on both sides. This is also available with an apex roof, and window panes on either side to suit […]

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8ft wide x 6ft deep Summerhouse with 18inch Roof Overhang

The Summer House.

The Apex summer house has double opening doors, with the gap approx 4′ or 5′. Side windows are optional. This is also available with a 2′ 6″ verandah. The roof and floor are tongue and grooved, no chipboard is used. All our buildings are on show at Padworth. We would be pleased to vary designs […]

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Yukon Chalet Summerhouse Home Office Sheds Reading

The Yukon Chalet.

The Yukon Chalet comes with front and side windows with decorative shutters and a window box. The chalet comes with one opening side window, additional windows with shutters and window boxes are available. This building is 6’1″ to the eaves and has 2″ x 2″ framing. All our buildings are available in tongued and grooved […]

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Ascot Chalet - Sheds Reading

The Ascot Chalet.

The Ascot chalet comes with side wings, a single door with antique style hinges and lock. The chalet can be made with the door at the left or right of the bow window. It comes with an opening side window. The Ascot chalet is 6’1″ tall to the eaves and has 2″ x 2″ framing. […]

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